How ’bout them cookies?

Happy National Cookie Day!

In honor of National Cookie Day, we are pleased to announce that we are adding a new practice area to the firm. We are proud to be Plano’s first Cookie Lawyer. We have been inspired by Ed Stevens, the Bowling Alley Lawyer. (Hey Tiff’s Treats – want to open an office together?)

Cookie Law

As specialists in Cookie Law, we handle pressing issues such as whether or not fruits are permissible in cookies, if something can be called a cookie if it isn’t baked, if cookie decorations constitute speech, cookie environmentalism, and cookie intellectual property.

If you or a loved one have a cookie issue, please contact us for knowledgeable and insightful advice.

Please note that we can handle issues related to the baked variety of cookies as well as browser cookies.

Cookie Deals

Here’s some cookie deals to chews from: USA Today National Cookie Day 2017

Enjoy the day, and eat more cookies.

Boiler Up!

Speaking of bowling, Purdue is going bowling later this month.

The Purdue Boilermakers will be facing the Arizona Wildcats in the Foster Farms Bowl, in Silicon Valley, CA – my original home. Purdue is led by 1st-year head coach Jeff Brohm, who guided the team to 6 wins after a painful 3-9 record last year. This will be Purdue’s first bowl appearance since The Heart of Dallas Bowl on January 1, 2013. Get excited!


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