Expect the unexpected

A Professionally Drafted Contract Can Save You

In business, things rarely go as planned. It’s important to protect yourself against unexpected results or worst-case scenarios. One way you can do that is through the use of professionally drafted legal documents and contracts.

Don’t be surprised

Issues are especially likely to come up when only one side drafted the contract and the other side did not review it thoroughly. Sometimes contracts don’t take into account impossible situations. Sometimes events such as weather make the terms of the contract impractical. These are issues that can be avoided with proper forethought and planning.

You know where else unexpected things happen? College Football.

Since it’s a Friday during college football season, it’s incumbent on me to try and relate this post to college football.

So far this year, 7 (I think) games have been cancelled. That is certainly unexpected. While the safety of players, fans, and students are paramount, cancellations also bring financial difficulties for teams. Luckily, the contracts generally have clauses to account for such unusual situations.

That doesn’t help the team that was expecting a payout for playing the game that now has a budget shortfall. Likewise, that natural repercussion to the contract “out” could have been planned for or insured against.

There’s always an upset

By definition, an upset is unexpected. I have 2 favorite upsets, as well as an upset that almost crushed me to my soul.

In 1997, a Purdue team with a new coach that had gone just 3-8 the previous season, took on #12 Notre Dame at home. After opening the season the previous week with a loss against Toledo, Purdue shocked absolutely everyone by beating Notre Dame.

In 2009, an unranked Purdue team that had just lost 5 straight games, won against #7 Ohio State. This game became forever known as “Purdue Harbor.”

In 2004, the finally nationally respected Boilermakers were ranked #5 when they lost to #10 Wisconsin on a last minute fumble, amid chants of “over-rated.” This game was the only game I have ever been to as an alumni and it still haunts me. Sometimes, it makes me cry. All you have to say to any Purdue faithful of a certain age is, “The Fumble,” and you will reduce them to tears.

Not all unexpected events at college involve football

This week, BYU started selling drinks with caffeine. That definitely surprised me.

Another upset in the making?

This week, Purdue takes on #8 Michigan at home. Will the newly resurgent Boilers take them down, a la Notre Dame in 1997? Is the 10th anniversary of Michigan’s surprise loss to Appalachian State a harbinger of things to come? I’m not willing to put money on the upset, but I can hope. Boiler Up!

If you need business contracts drafted or reviewed, contact us to make sure you’re protected against the unexpected. If you want to discuss Purdue football, you can contact me too.


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