That’s not good

Vol. 2 (Kids Edition)

Kids, kids, kids. Oh, those kids…

Run away!

I don’t have kids, but I’ve been around enough of them to know that you sometimes want to run away screaming. Normally, as a parent, you fight those urges. Not this mom.

I predict some very hefty legal bills in her future.

Mom, where’s my cone?!?!

Kids will put almost anything in their mouth. Hopefully, what goes in eventually comes out. Sometime, it takes 40 years.

In the end, it all worked itself out though, right?

The Parent Trap

If you have a kid, maybe Face ID is not the best way to secure their phone. Apparently, it’s not so good for users under 13. Especially if they have a twin. We all know what crazy high jinks twins can get into – now just imagine what they could do with a smart phone too!



Hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup up things that caught my eye this week. If you want to speak to an attorney about a legal issue or tell us a funny story, give us a call.

The Purdue Boilermakers are off this weekend. We’ll be spending the weekend watching some other excellent Big Ten football.



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