The Attorney Process

Lawyering is not one size fits all

Two weeks ago, I met with a potential client. After an in-depth discussion of his issue, I gave have him my recommendations and explained the costs to proceed. He objected, stating that because I’ve handled that type of situation before, it should be trivial and quick. This underscored a fundamental misconception for what attorneys do and why they are a valuable resource.

I’ve encountered numerous people that think attorneys do nothing more than fill in blanks on forms and templates. The reality is that while there are forms and templates for the pro-forma parts of a document, the meat of the document requires skill, thought, and attention.

There is a process

Every situation has its own unique set of circumstances. It all starts with the initial consultation. A good attorney will ask numerous questions to get all the facts to have a full and complete understanding. Then and only then can an attorney give advice as to what they believe are the best steps to take.

When drafting documents, an attorney will research the issue to find relevant case law, apply the clients’ unique facts to the law, and persuasively argue their clients’ position. Even if it’s a document the attorney has drafted before, that research and application is always unique to the clients’ facts.

Put simply, the law is not formulaic. It’s a lot more than just filing out a client’s name on a pre-drafted document. It takes time and skill. The last thing you want is a hastily prepared document that may not effectively address your issue.

Attorneys are professionals too

Look it at this way. If you tore your ACL and needed surgery from an orthopaedic surgeon, would you tell the surgeon that it should be quick and easy because he’s repaired an ACL before? No. Because your knee is different, and the surgeon still needs to go through all the steps to properly complete the surgery.

If you have an issue, good legal advice and representation is important to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Consult with an attorney that takes the time to truly understand the issues and your goals. If you are in the Plano or Collin County area and want to know more about us, Contact us to schedule a consultation to meet with us.

We want to help you. You just have to let us.


Please be advised that nothing in this post constitutes legal advice. Every situation is different and consultation with an attorney is recommended to evaluate your specific needs. This post also does not create an attorney-client relationship with Saraiya Pllc or any of its attorneys. An attorney-client relationship can only be formed after a consultation with one of its attorneys, the firm has run a conflicts check, and a legal services agreement has been fully executed by you and Saraiya Pllc.
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